Friday, April 15, 2011


It was a Fiesta at Sharon Larsen's beautiful Woods Cross home last night.   With food from Cafe Rio, unbelievable (?) musical numbers, prizes, and great conversations, a fun time was probably had by all.  The big prize winner of the evening was Rachel Maxwell who walked away with an iPad (better luck next time, Levi).  Other prize winners included Levi Stone (was his prize the game or Jess?), Kyra Valentine, Janelle Cerar, Don Shaw, Marlane Flack, and Marilyn Hansen.  The highlight of the evening came when our fearless leader, Jeff Clark, brandished a violin and played the one note he could.  Over and over and over.  "Night and Day" (yes, those were the only notes he played) was beautifully and thankfully accompanied on the piano by Lara Mann. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much, Lara!

I'll be happy to add captions if anybody comes up with some good ones.....

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  1. Way fun blog Marilyn! Thanks for making this for us :)